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Floricrete promotes the use Lightweight Insulating Concrete Roof Deck systems in lieu of complex and expensive rigid tapered insulation systems. We firmly believe and emphasize the long-term benefits of LWIC decks including customized slope to drain, reroofability, and no loss of thermal resistance over time. 

Through periodic posts on social media, local tradeshow participation, in-house presentations and personal contact with Florida’s ever expanding list of construction professionals, Floricrete will continue to support the use of LWIC thought the sunshine state. 

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Whether you are an Architect, DesignBuild Firm, a General Contractor or a Roofer searching for new ideas, value engineering, or a solution to a complex roofing issues, the professionals at Floricrete can help. 

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Floricrete has the industry’s newest state-of-the-art lightweight concrete mixing and pumping equipment. Our 2022 model fleet ensures that you get the best quality installation and less chance of downtime. 

Approved applicator for Celcore and Mearlcrete


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LWIC stands for LIGHTWEIGHT INSULATING CONCRETE. LWIC is a product derived from a combination of Portland cement, water, and preformed cellular foam. These ingredients get mixed together on-site and poured in place to form a lightweight insulating concrete roof deck.

LWIC systems produce a monolithic insulation system with increased wind uplift and fire ratings. It is considered a Green Building Material and can be used in eco-friendly buildings. 

Yes, LWIC provides a monolithic system that does not allow the same amount of stress on a roof membrane that you would typically see from a rigid insulation system. The joints between the boards in a typical rigid insulation system impart mechanical stresses on the attached membrane during the heating and cooling of the day, weakening the membrane significantly over time.

NO! Once LWIC achieves its initial set, the product does not expand to its original wet volume; therefore control joints and/or filler are NOT required.